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Alejandro Trinidad, MBA

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Marketing Consultant

Alejandro Trinidad-Flores is a former Global Senior Project Manager at Roche, Intercontinental Region Product Marketing Lead at Amgen, and a proficient marketing consultant. He possesses extensive international experience working for pharmaceutical companies and has led cross-functional teams across the USA, Latin America, and the Intercontinental Region in 21 countries, consistently delivering positive results.

Alejandro has solid experience launching products and new indications in co-promotion with multinational pharmaceutical companies (Amgen – GSK) and (Eli Lilly – Boehringer Ingelheim) for blockbusters Prolia® and Cymbalta®

Having held numerous managerial roles, he is remarkably familiar with business strategies, project management, and best practices in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, Alejandro holds an MBA from Anahuac University, a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Digital Marketing Certification from Columbia Business School.

Based in USA, Alejandro looks forward to collaborating with on-demand projects in the US, EU, and Latin American markets.

USA, EU, Latin America, Asia

Alejandro Trinidad, MBA
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