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Ignacio Hernandez, MIB

Director Strategy & Innovation, Independent Consultant

Juan Ignacio Hernández-Chávez is an executive with extensive experience in business operations and marketing in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in Mexico and the Latin American region. He has a strong business acumen with over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales, business development and business operations to consolidate a broad vision to deliver successful and innovative solutions for business growth and secure positive financial results. Strong analytical mindset to map market needs and review strategic pathways and develop solutions to improve business results. Deep understanding of the end-to-end business process to ensure the successful launch of innovative brands and redefine innovative strategies of mature portfolios to face challenging scenarios and achieve positive results.

Juan Ignacio has been recognized with national and international awards for outstanding results: The best launch worldwide, Marketer of the year and The Best Building Brilliant Brands Leader. Additionally, he has solid knowledge in new technologies with a Master in Digital Business (ISDI Instituto Superior Internet Digital) to promote innovative digital solutions with new multi-channel opportunities to maximize business growth.

Based in Mexico, Juan Ignacio looks forward to collaborating with on-demand projects in the US and Latin American markets.

USA, Latin America

Ignacio Hernandez, MIB
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